Using Bitumen Emulsions for Reinforcement of Coating

Bitumen Emulsions

One of the possible uses of bitumen emulsions is reinforcement of fine sand in the top layer of earth roadbed, as well as running sands of border strips in road construction. Such measures are especially important in desert areas.

The process can be performed with regular emulsion, but before application ot should be diluted with water or emulsifier solution. The consumption of emulsion is 1 to 1.5 liters per m2; the material is applied by mobile sprayers.

Dust prevention on unpaved roads is the fixation of running sands within the limits of the road border strip. After applying, the emulsion permeates the sand to the depth of 10-15 cm, creating a protective layer which prevents the growth of grass and ground erosion.

Such operations can be performed with anionic bitumen emulsion made from 130/200 and 200/300 bitumen. Running sands must be secured with emulsion diluted with 2 – 6 parts water.

Bitumen emulsions used for dust prevention on roads can also be made from 130/200 and 200/300 bitumen. It is possible to achieve the result with slow thickening 70/130 bitumen.

Dust prevention is performed with anionic emulsion diluted before use with water or emulsifier to obtain 30% bitumen concentration.

Before the process, the road must be cleaned and moisturized. Emulsion is applied in the amount of 0.8-1.2 l/m2. Sand is applied above emulsion in the amount of 5-10 kg/m2, then the surface is compacted by several passes of a light roller.