The Historical Commissioning of Bitumen Emulsion Plant in Tanzania

On October 4, 2014, in  Dar es Salaam (the United republic of Tanzania) there was held an official opening of the bitumen emulsion production plant.

The historical aspect of this event is that it is the first bitumen emulsion plant in this country. And we are happy to inform that it was manufactured by GlobeCore.

This event was visited by the vice-president of the rural and urban road construction of the United Republic of Tanzania – Hassan Matimbe, the representatives of the company-owner Gratian Nshkanabo and Prashant Patel, members of the public and mass media.


Mr Nshekanabo told: “We are pleased to inform that this plant is designed and constructed  according to the best world standards. Bitumen emulsion, produced on GlobeCore equipment, fully complies  with all international standards that will change the existing approaches to the road construction and maintenance.”

The plant is able to produce 10000 liters of bitumen emulsion per hour. In addition, it has created favorable conditions to employ about 100 workers.  We do hope that the commissioning of this plant will favor other branches of industry.

The construction of the first bitumen emulsion production plant is a very important event for any country.  That’s why the representatives of Tanzania carried out a very thorough investigation of the hi-tech market to check the quality of the equipment available and its advantages over the existing analogs. And the preference was given to GlobeCore equipment.