Bitumen Emulsion Sprinkler RBEM-2,5


We offer RBEM-2,5 bitumen emulsion sprinkler to companies and organizations involved in road construction, maintenance and repair.

RBEM-2,5 can be used for transportation of bitumen emulsion from storage facilities to construction sites and for subsequent laying of the material with a special rod.  The principle of operation of the sprinkler is based on the spraying  large volumes of bitumen emulsion.  Spraying machine consists of gear pumps proportionate with the rod to which they are attached.  The power of internal combustion engines corresponds to the requirements of the technological process.

The bitumen emulsion sprinkler cistern provides heating and maintains optimal temperature of the binder due to the presence of burners operating on liquid gas or diesel fuel.

GlobeCore equipment is produced both commercially and custom tailored.  Commercially produced models of bitumen emulsion sprinklers can be purchased directly from the warehouse.  Individual order is produced within 45 working days.

GlobeCore production facilities are situated in Oldenburg, Germany.

Commissioning of bitumen emulsion sprinkler RBEM-2,5 can take several days.  The sprinkler can be delivered  anywhere  worldwide.

If necessary, our specialists will perform start-up of your bitumen emulsion sprinkler and train the staff of your company.  The warranty period is 12 months from the date of putting the product into operation.

This equipment could help you, if you are:

  • The owner of an enterprise or organization involved in road construction, repair and maintenance.  It will help you save on over-expenditure of construction materials.  It is an effective solution, capable of economizing and generating stable profits. In this case bitumen emulsion sprinkler RBEM-2,5 is just what you need!
  • A supply department manager.  It will help you please your management by finding the best deal on price and quality and by establishing and maintaining a relationship of trust with our company.  In this respect, GlobeCore is an exactly right choice for you: over the years, our company has established really friendly relationships (both corporate and personal) with our customers.
  • A master of a construction site.  It will help you coordinate the process of bitumen emulsion transportation and  laying  surfaces.   It has never been so easy!  GlobeCore bitumen emulsion sprinkler allows you to combine the transportation and spraying processes, which saves precious time, which is never enough when performing large volumes of work.

GlobeCore bitumen emulsion sprinkler RBEM--2,5:

  • It gives high-quality spraying of bitumen emulsion, which fully complies with all building codes and standards.
  • It uses bitumen emulsion as economically as possible without any loss in quality of the work performed.
  • It helps to do the work in short terms.

GlobeCore bitumen emulsion sprinkler RBEM-2,5 helps solve these tasks!

To start RBEM-2,5 bitumen emulsion sprinkler working for you:

  • Contact us by email;
  • Call our number and we will  be happy to receive your request;
  • We will offer designs and prices, and will let you know  the time frame of its production and delivery;
  • We’ll produce the sprinkler and launch it at your operation site.

Advantages of GlobeCore bitumen emulsion sprinklers:

  • competitive price;
  • 2 models: mobile (as a trailer) and stationary (mounted inside the vehicle, mounted on chassis of a vehicle);
  • easy to manage the pump and other basic operations;
  • various capacity of cisterns makes it very easy to adapt them to the size and weight of the vehicle;
  • cistern insulation reduces heat losses;
  • during transportation rods are packed and fixed with special pins;
  • temperature control of bitumen emulsion (a temperature sensor is connected to heating system);
  • full compliance with existing norms and requirements.

Frequently asked questions:

What environmental conditions can  RBEM-2,5 be used?

General use of bitumen emulsion sprinkler ranges  from +5 °C to +40 °C and  humidity of 98% at 25 °C.  The equipment is not applicable in potentially explosive atmospheres.

How do I perform cleaning of the circulation system?

Removal of binder residues should be carried out at the end of each operation.  Proper cleaning involves emptying system of the emulsion and its subsequent purification by means of diesel fuel circulation.

What are the requirements for bitumen emulsion for spraying with RBEM-2,5?

If possible, bitumen emulsion should be just taken from the store, as “old” material may contain deposits that can clog the system.

Can RBEM-2,5  be used for bitumen?

The equipment is not suitable for bitumen because it is not designed to maintain the temperature at which bitumen is in a liquid state (180-190 °C).

How much  bitumen emulsion does GlobeCore sprinkler cistern contain?

Cisterns can accommodate from 500 to 10,000 liters of bitumen emulsion.

Technical characteristics of the bitumen emulsion sprinkler RBEM-2,5



1. Distribution rod
– working width, m


– number of nozzles


– type of nozzle

hollow cone

– height from the ground, mm


2. Spray nozzle
– type of nozzle

hollow cone

– height from the ground, mm


– flexible hose length, m


3. Total volume, m³, not less than


4. Working volume, m³, not less than


5. Emulsion pump performance, l/min


6. Internal combustion engine
– power, kWt


– rotational speed, rev/min


7. Volume of the tank with hydraulic oil, liters


8. Battery
– battery capacity, Ah


– voltage, V


– current, A


9. LPG burner
– power


– number of torches


-cylinder capacity, kg


11. Overall dimensions, mm, not more than:
– length in operating position


– length in transport position


– height


– width in operating position


– width in transport position


6.Weight, kg, not more than


7.Weight, filled, kg, not more than