New Road Construction Materials

In today’s road construction industry, great importance is placed on road surface durability.  It is generally accepted that it is impossible to improve road pavement durability without the application of new organic binding materials.  These materials would include bitumen emulsions, modified bitumen and cold technologies used with the application of such materials.

Modern cold application technology adoption is realized in several ways such as:

  • Production of gravel-emulsion mixtures;
  • Re-use of old asphalt-concrete with emulsion and composite binders;
  • Road surface waterproofing;
  • Production and application of cold mixtures for pothole repair; and
  • Membrane technologies for cement-concrete pavement repairs.

Bitumen is being emulsified to obtain emulsion with a definite set of physicochemical properties.  The final product therfore, is required to meet the following requirements:

  • to be resistant to storage and transportation; and
  • to properly coagulate after the mineral materials are applied on the surface.

The rate of emulsion breakdown is determined by (1) its composition, (2) the size of bitumen particles, and (3) the nature and granulometric composition of the mineral material.

GlobeCore has developed and produced equipment designed for bitumen emulsion production as well as polymer modified bitumen when using the UVB-1 and UVB-2 units.

The final product produced with GlobeCore eqipment fully complies with and exceeds international requirements and standards.