Mixer of Bulk and Liquid Materials for Construction (Colloid Mill)

We offer roadworks, roofing and waterproofing companies – a mixer of bulk and liquid materials.

This equipment is designed for mixing bulk materials in flowing liquid. Which is needed, for example, for modification of bitumen. When simple polymer is loaded into a container with bitumen – it could be unevenly distributed.  Consequently, bitumen is fed into the mill, free of polymers. Making  the use of equipment inefficient  and a modification process  longer.

GlobeCore Mixer of bulk and liquid materials eliminates these drawbacks by supplying a even flow of polymer into bitumen prior to the colloid mill. Polymer granules swell rapidly, whereby the mill operates at a constant load.

GlobeCore equipment is standard or customized. Commercially available mixers of bulk and liquid materials can be purchased directly from the warehouse (company production is based in Oldenburg, Germany). Individual assembly is made within 45 working days.

The mixer is a unit consisting of the mixer itself, the motor and a base. The torque from the motor to a mixer shaft is passed through a belt transmission.

Loose polymer is fed into the mixer, delivered by a feed-screw into the mixing chamber. In a mixing chamber – a polymer is pushed through the circular pipe where fluid (bitumen) is injected through a cascade  of holes into it. The paddles on the shaft push the wet polymer to the lower chamber – unloading chamber. Here, the mixture of liquid and granular material is thrown out by the paddles on the shaft to the periphery, to the dispensing nozzle.

Mixer of bulk and liquid materials technical characteristics



1. Performance on the main liquid (bitumen), m3 / h


2. Bitumen temperature, ° C


3. Polymer flow,% by weight of main liquid


4. Heater temperature, оC


5. Heating pressure, MPa,


6. Motor power, kW (rev / min)

11 (2950)

7. Power circuits,V


8. Inlet/outlet nozzles for liquid


9. Inlet nozzle for bulk component


10. Overall dimensions, not more:
– length






11. Weight, kg


Are you:

  • Company Owner, manufacturing bitumen materials for road construction/maintenance works, roofing or waterproofing works. You need only effective solutions  improving performance  and increasing profit ?
  • Supply Specialist. having to please directors, by finding the best deals available, and establishing and maintaining trusting relationships with suppliers ?
  • Engineer specializing in the preparation of bitumen and its modifications. You need equipment to produce a quality products by a ready recipe?

If you answered “yes” – then we are on the same page! Over the years, GlobeCore established friendly relations with  customers  all over the world (with sales in more than 70 countries).

What do you need – to start our equipment working for you?

  • Call us or send us an email to discuss your order.
  • Our qualified personnel will offer specifications and prices and set the production time.
  • Our stuff will be happy to  meet  you at our offices.
  • Our engineers will come to you to start up the station at your enterprise.

The advantages of GlobeCore mixers of bulk and liquid materials:

  • Short delivery times;
  • Delivery anywhere in the world;
  • Competitive price;
  • Expert advice before and after purchase, during the service period;
  • Customised models;
  • Used as independent  unit, or integrated into existing systems
  • Using different combinations of materials;
  • Versatility – used in other industries: in chemical industry for combining  various reagents;
  • Heating jackets allow for bitumen to be removed after unplanned hardening;
  • Quick  cycle: no need for pre-mixing;
  • Improved quality of product.

Frequently asked questions:

1) What specific materials does  GlobeCore mixer work with?

The equipment can be used for blending:

  • Bitumens with different polymers in the form of granules, pellets and powders;
  • Bitumens with waxes such as “Elvaloy” in granules;
  • Bitumen with loose fillings (rubber crumb, clay, lime, mineral fibers).

2) What is the maximum  size of mixed particles?

GlobeCore mixer  works with  particles size up to 10 mm.

3) Can the mixer  be used with other equipment apart from  bitumen equipment?

Yes, it can.

4) How long is the warranty period?

Warranty period  is generally 12 months

If you have any more questions, we are always ready to answer them. Please contact us on the phone or via an e-mail.