Heating of Bitumen

Bitumen – is a material used in road construction. When not in use bitumen changes its consistency, it thicken and loses its performance properties. Which complicates transfer of bitumen from one container to another, also its application.

During storage of bitumen it is important to maintain a certain temperature and heated  to a desired temperature to be used. When heated it recovers its ductility and can be used for intended purpose without any restriction.

Theoretically there are many methods of heating bitumen, but not all of them show the same efficiency needed for road construction and repair companies.

In practice – the most frequently used ways to heat bitumen are:

  • heating with burners. This approach is quite convenient, as it allows the customer to choose the type of fuel that operates the burner (gas,  fuel economy, solid fuel, diesel fuel, etc.). The major advantage of this method is its flexibility;
  • heating  by heating element. In this case technical or thermal oil are used as heat transfer fluid. First, the heating fluid is heated to 100-200 °C, then it begins to circulate in the insulation tank. Modern control systems maintain the temperature of bitumen at set parameters to the nearest tenth of a degree;
  • heating with infrared rays. The infrared light source that generates heat is selected based on the properties of bitumen. They are well absorbed by bitumen, that allows heating in minimum time;
  • steam heating. This method is less effective in areas with cold climates,     since a lot of heat is needed to heat a bitumen tank. Therefore, bringing bitumen to a desired temperature can take a long time, which is not always acceptable for road construction and repair works.

GlobeCore offers a wide range of equipment for heating bitumen. The customer can purchase a boiler, with a required liter capacity, heating method (fire, electric), and type of heating element. A minimal amount of time and energy is used for heating bitumen in GlobeCore boilers, because they are insulated with special insulation layer 100 mm thickness.

Protection system prevents the material from burning. The device operates in automatic mode, which eliminates a human factor from the process.