GlobeCore technologies for production of bitumen emulsions

production of bitumen emulsions

Bitumen emulsion is a disperse system in which bitumen is distributed in water phase in the form of small droplets.  The percentage of bitumen in the emulsion depends on its future use, but is usually at 30-70%.  Today, bitumen emulsion is very popular when performing tasks such as:

  • Surface treatment;
  • Filling of cracks;
  • Binding of dust;
  • Reinforcing soil;
  • Production of cold mixes;
  • Binding of pavement layers;
  • Production of crushed stone with impregnation.

GlobeCore offers high efficiency cyclic plants for bitumen emulsion production.

Modern road construction technologies require the use of special bitumen emulsions with a high content of additives.  It is difficult to achieve the desired degree of dispersion and chemical reaction of additives in continuous on-line operation plants.

The GlobeCore UVB-1 type plants include high performance colloid mills, developed by the design department specifically for production of bitumen emulsions of all types.

A colloid mill is driven by an electric motor.  Due to the ability to adjust the gap between the rotor and the stator, there is an option to tune the production process for specific characteristics of the end product (bitumen or bitumen emulsion).  GlobeCore colloid mills ensure fine grinding quality of bitumen droplets in the emulsion, thereby increasing the product’s stability.

GlobeCore not only supplies bitumen emulsion equipment, but also, if necessary, offers commissioning and provides a number of other services, allowing to organize your own production from scratch.