GlobeCore Presents Equipment in Bulgaria

In October 8-24, 2015 representatives of road building industry and other interested companies of Bulgaria could attend presentations of GlobeCore equipment.

These events took place in Sofia, Plovdiv, Ruse, Blagoevgrad and other cities. Representatives of GlobeCore presented to participants information both on company GlobeCore and on produced equipment: plans for production of bitumen emulsion and (UVB-1 series), plants for bitumen modification with polymers (UVB-2 series),  as well as laboratory equipment.

Interest of Bulgarian companies to GlobeCore equipment is non-casual. Firstly – there is a constant growing demand for consumption of bitumen emulsion and modified bitumen in this country. Secondly – plant producing modified bitumen equipped with equipment produced by our company successfully works in Varna since 2009.

Presentations were attended both by technical specialists and managers of road construction companies. After completion of an official part all participants received answers for technical questions from Globecore designing engineer.

Our company thanks Bulgarian colleagues for shown interest and warm welcome and also hopes for further cooperation