Bitumens in Production of Roofing Materials

The field of bitumen application is quite wide. It varies from road construction and waterproofing to production of corrosion-resistant coat. Bitumen also used in production of felt cardboard, which is designed for waterproofing and roofing of buildings of various purposes.

The production technology of the material is standard and has only some slight variations in specific cases. It can be described using the example of ruberoid production. First, cardboard is permeated by bitumen and then covered with a layer of air blown bitumen and a filler. In case of compound roof coatings, several layers of cardboard are applied. On site, the product is impregnated by and attached due to hot bitumen.

Most modern roofing materials consist of a base (glass-fibre mat, glass fiber cloth or polyether cloth) and a saturating material in the form of polymer modified bitumen (atactic polypropylene, styrene butadiene styrene, etc.). The top of the material material is protected by roofing sand, made of a mineral material.

Among other applications of bitumen impregnated paper is packaging of construction materials, production of electric cables, water and heat insulation of industrial pipelines. Bitumen impregnation also works with asbestos and glass felt.

A good solution for roofing material production is the UVB-2 unit made by GlobeCore. The unit is capable of making high quality roofing materials with the capacity of 4 to 40 m3/hour.

The advantages of UVB-2 plants are:

  • ability to operate with absolutely all currently known polymers, waxes and specific additives;
  • ability to take modifier input of various forms, such as powders, granules, etc.;
  • ability to implement almost any bitumen modification method;
  • during modification and transfer pumping, additional plastifying agents, such as industrial oils, can be added to improve bitumen adhesion;
  • capability to add additional amount of polymer in transfer pumping mode;
  • the oil heating system saves the cost of electricity.