Bitumen Pumps

Bitumen Pumps

Bitumen pumps transport bitumen through pipelines and are widely used in asphalt plants.

At this time, external gear pumps are mostly used due to their reliability, as well as simplicity in operation and servicing. Besides, such pumps are successfully used for pumping of bitumen from storage tanks to portioning tanks of bitumen emulsion production plants.

When choosing a bitumen pump, it should be noted that its capacity must correspond to the capacity of the dosage equipment; the pump must meet the requirements to tank unloading and loading of bitumen sprayers and bitumen transportation trucks.

A bitumen pump consists of a black steel body and two cylindrical gears. To prevent bitumen from solidification in the pump, the pump is heated by steam supplied to the heating jacket of the pump. If steam heating is not possible, other methods are available, including electrical heating. Bitumen pump drives include gearboxes, couplings and motors.

Depending on mobility, the pumps can be mobile or stationary. In the former case, the pump is installed on a special cart and is driven by an internal combustion engine, while in the latter case it is installed on a concrete foundation and can be driven by any motor.

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