Bitumen Emulsion Sprayer RBE-0,2


Road works require different road equipment. RBE-0,2 by GlobeCore is designed for spraying bitumen on asphalt as part of road works. This equipment can be used at asphalt sealing/surfacing, construction, repairs and maintenance of roads as well as other road facilities objects.

Bitumen emulsion sprayer RBE-0,2 consists of tank, frame, protective cover, towing hook, internal combustion engine, gear reducers, bitumen pump, back pressure valve, tank for system washing, rod and  hose storage box.

It operates with basic ambient temperature ranging +10°С to +40°С and relative humidity 98% at 25 °С.

Visual control of emulsion level is possible through the filling opening. Current emulsion temperature is checked prior to loading by a visual thermometer. If work requires other temperature – material shall be previously heated or cooled. Filling the sprayer with emulsion is carried out through the filling opening.

Sprayer RBE-0,2 has compact sizes allowing it to be used at small construction sites and house yard territories. Hand operated sprayer allows treatment of hard-to-reach places.

GlobeCore RBE models can be bought directly from warehouse. GlobeCore production facilities are located in Oldenburg, Germany. GlobeCore can produce a custom design bitumen sprayer within 45 working days.

GlobeCore bitumen emulsion sprayers RBE-0,2 answers to all your needs, if you are:

  • Owner of a road-construction company, looking for effective solutions bringing stable profit;
  • Purchasing manager searching for high quality at best price, building good supplier relationships. GlobeCore works with companies and enterprises in more than 70 countries in the world;
  • Maintenance superintendent, ensuring safe working condition of road works and repairs done on schedule;
  • Road worker executing road repairs and maintenance on time.

GlobeCore provides after sales service, has a stock of spare parts and own a production line – GlobeCore always ready to support you!

Bitumen emulsion sprayer RBE-0,2 by GlobeCore with help you with all Your tasks:

  • reduce time of road works;
  • improve quality of road surfaces;
  • increase performance of road mixtures pouring.

To start GlobeCore equipment working at your site:

1) Please contact us by email or by phone and we will discuss your order together;

2) We will offer you a range of models and prices, and advise on delivery time.

3) If required – we can meet at our facilities.

Specifications of bitumen emulsion sprayer RBE-0,2

Parameter Value
1. Spraying nozzle
– nozzle type Full cone
– height above the ground, mm 380
– hose length, m 6
2. Total volume, m³ 0,2
3. Effective volume, m³ 0,18
4. Emulsion pump capacity, l/min 34,2
5. Internal combustion engine
– power, kW 2,2
– rotation, rot/min 3600
6. Dimensions, mm
– length in operational position 2160
– length with raised dumper 3225
– height with lowered housing 1110
– height with raised housing 1471
-width 990
7.Weight, kg, max 250
8.Loaded weight, kg, max 450

Advantages of GlobeCore bitumen emulsion sprayer RBE-0,2:

  • simple design;
  • parts produced by leading world producers;
  • short term of filing orders;
  • competitive price;
  • portability;
  • consultation from a designer before and after purchase, during exploitation;
  • selection of towing hooks for vehicles available at your site;
  • high pouring performance of road mixtures;
  • improving  quality of road surfaces;
  • making roadworks shorter and easier.

Questions and Answers:

How long is a guaranteed service time?

12 month from product commissioning, but no longer than 2000 hours of operation.

Does equipment operate in potentially explosive atmosphere?

No, it does not.

What kind of bitumen emulsion can be used in sprayers RBE-0,2?

A new emulsion from storage is better, as “old” emulsion may contain debris that clogs the system. Before use bitumen emulsion needs to be heated to a working temperature.

Can cationic and anionic bitumen emulsions be mixed?

No, they cannot be mixed.

What is the spraying width?

Jet nozzle can cover a 240mm strip.

What needs to be done with residual bitumen emulsion after work completion?

It shall be drained.