Indian bitumen industry

In December 2006 the first bitumen plant for production of road bitumen was started in Uluberia, in the Kolkata area of West Bengal. The plant makes a range of bitumen products for various applications, such as polymer modified bitumen, crumb rubber modified bitumen and bitumen emulsions. The production capacity of the facility is 50 000 tons per annum  with upgrade capability

Moreover, the facility also provides ready to use mix for road maintenance. The material allows to open the road for traffic in as little as ten to fifteen minutes, with excellent durability of the air repaired. This product has been distributed by a network of franchises in different parts of the country for the last five years. The product is popular with contractors, road servicing organizations and construction consultants nationwide.

Quality Product

The reason the clients choose this product is due to expertise, chemical knowledge, quality control and all the technology making it efficient in the field. The clients receive custom made product tailored to meet their needs in road treatment. The facility cooperates with the contractors, engineering consultants and owners of roads, runways or highways or even rural roads in remote parts, to offer the best match for the clients’ requirements and local conditions.

Business Opportunities

India is building a large network of highways, state highways and local roads nationwide and requires a top quality product to reduce the price of road maintenance over long periods of time. Large amounts of investment and financing from states and WB/ADB, as well as private organizations assist in development of the road grid. The company improves the longevity of the roads significantly, at the same time reducing the maintenance costs by applying advanced technologies during construction, preventive and corrective maintenance of the pavement.

Previously, roads were constructed to support mostly passenger traffic, while today the roads must withstand much cargo traffic with high axle loads, due to rapid economic development. The design of the road must be improved to cope with current and anticipated traffic loads.

Besides, the wide range of conditions in the country is also a factor. Some parts of the country have much rainfall or snow. Also, older, inferior road system is still in place, and while it cannot be immediately upgraded, it must still be maintained. Assisting the nation’s legacy road grid and constructing new highways and runways with the growing quality requirements in mind requires top quality products and construction equipment.

The company entered the market with two objectives: to use the 80 years of experience to make safe and high quality roads to improve the country, and to develop the road bitumen industry in the country.