Diathermic Oil For Bitumen Heating

Bitumen Heating

Bitumen is a material which requires special storage and transportation. To keep the bitumen in good condition, it must constantly be heated in its container. Bitumen is a binder and must remain so, without becoming solid or separating into water and bitumen in case of water-bitumen emulsions.

There are two types of bitumen storage tanks: horizontal and vertical. Vertical tanks are more popular, being easier to use, more economical and having a much smaller footprint. Emulsion businesses prefer to own bitumen storage tanks to enable regular construction and repair without supply disruptions and the effects of market price fluctuations.

The heating system of a vertical storage tank may be of various types. It may use steam, gas, oil or electricity. A rather popular systems involves hot oil flowing through winding tubes integrated into the tank. In this method, the hot oil from an oil heater passes through tubes, bitumen temperature is increased while the oil becomes colder. An important advantage of this technique is that the contents of the tank is heated evenly and without overheating.

GlobeCore produces high quality oil heaters to heat bitumen. Such devices are used in various bitumen and water-bitumen emulsion storage and transportation systems. The system comes automated system to control the temperature and condition of the bitumen in the tank.