The UVB-1 Unit Started to Produce Bitumen Emulsion in Azerbaijan

In February 2014, GlobeCore’s employees visited Baku (Azerbaijan). 

The aim of the visit was to commission the UVB-1M unit (capacity 2 m3/h), delivered there before. It is designed to produce bitumen emulsions.All works planned were completed in time that allowed the representatives of Azerbaijan to start producing bitumen emulsions that fully comply with the world quality standards.

The application areas of bitumen emulsions include:

  • surface treatment. The main benefit of bitumen emulsion is that it may be applied to the road surface with residual moisture.
  • arrangement of protective wear layers. The possibility to choose emulsifier provides for quickly formed coating.  Active traffic can be resumed in 1-2 hours after the completion of the works;
  • on-site production of cold mixtures for recycling;
  • stabilization of the soil that consists of sand and gravel;
  • tack coating;
  • penetration macadam.

GlobeCore equipment provides for the production of all kinds of emulsions to solve the tasks of road construction including modified emulsions for roofing and waterproofing.