Bitumen Storage and Heating Tanks

Bitumen Storage

Bitumen Storage. Bitumen is supplied to asphalt plants in special heated tanks. Special horizontal or vertical tanks are used for storage of bitumen, with volume range from 50 to 200 tons.

The number and volume of tanks is chosen depending on the consumption of the binder, and the frequency of supplies. Heating systems are built into the tanks to prevent heat loss and to keep bitumen temperature high enough. heating systems can also heat pumps, mixers and piping.

Heating of bitumen is important. If the correct temperature is not maintained, bitumen physical properties and chemical composition will change, making it impossible to obtain a quality asphalt mix.

Bitumen can be heated directly or indirectly. In the first case, the material is heated through thin wall heat tubes by hot gases, which result from the combustion of gas or liquid fuel. This method allows to rapidly heat the binder to the required temperature. The main drawback is that bitumen crust may form on the tubes.

Electrical heaters significantly simplify the heat exchanger design by eliminating the need for an intermediary heating substance. The limitations of such systems is less than gentle heating and also the formation of crust.

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